The Fabric Fisher

My Stash

Every Fabric Fisher user has a personal stash. The stash contains:

The first few fabrics in your stash are displayed on the home page. Anonymous users have a very small stash. (It can only hold 3 fabrics at a time.) Free space in the stash is shown on the home page as blank squares.

Empty Stash

To increase the capacity of your stash (to 35 fabrics), you must sign in. As you add fabrics to your stash (by taking a photo, or through Custom Search), your stash begins to fill.


If there are too many Fabrics in your Stash to display on the Home Page, you may see a link that takes you directly to the My Stash page.

Stash Link

In any case, you can always access your stash via the Main Menu on the home page.

Stash Menu Item

The My Stash page has the following features:

My Stash

a. Stashed Fabrics - Each fabric in your stash is shown. You can click on the fabric image to open the Fabric page for your fabric. This allows you to find similar fabrics that are for sale on the internet, or to find coordinating fabrics that match a specific color. The ability to display a Fabric page for custom fabrics in your stash is one of the most powerful features of Fabric Fisher.

b. Free Space - Each unoccupied slot in your stash is represented by a gray square. This allows you to easily see how much space is available in your stash for more stashed fabrics.

c. Color Bar - At the bottom of the page you will find a Color Bar, showing up to 18 Basic Colors. (These are the same colors displayed in the Basic Colors section of the Browse by Color page.) The actual number of colors displayed varies based on the size of the device or window you are using. At the far right of the color bar is a button that dispays the Color Picker dialog, allowing you to choose one of over 2,500 colors to be matched.

d. Home Button - Returns to the Fabric Fisher home page.

e. Help Button - Opens this help page.