The Fabric Fisher

The Home Page

The Fabric Fisher Home Page is the perfect place to start your search for fabrics. The specific features that are available from the home page are labeled below.

Home Page

a. Main Menu - The main Fabric Fisher menu. Provides quick access to the most commonly used features.

b. Take a Picture - If you are visiting Fabric Fisher from your smart phone, or from a desktop computer with an available web cam, you can take a picture of a fabric you are trying to match, and Fabric Fisher will find similar fabrics, or coordinating ones.

c. Browse By Color - Browse available fabrics by color.

d. New Fabrics - Browse some of our more recently discovered fabrics.

e. Stash - Shows the custom fabrics most recently added to your personal stash.

f. Sign In - Sign in to your Fabric Fisher account, or create a new account. When you are signed in, your personal stash has room for more fabrics, and they are shared across multiple devices.

g. Agreements - Provides quick access to our Terms of Use and other important policies.

h. Help - Opens this help page.