The Fabric Fisher


When you first visit Fabric Fisher, you will see links to various policy documents at the bottom of the page:

Unaccepted Agreements

These documents are together known as the "agreements":

The agreements are important documents. You should read them carefully, and acknowledge your acceptance by clicking the "Accept" button.

Once you have acknowledged acceptance of the agreements, the banner at the bottom of the page will change:

Accepted Agreements

Accepting the agreements creates the Fabric Fisher cookie on your device. At this point, you are still an anonymous user; that is, we know nothing about you, except that you have accepted the agreements. (You can delete even that cookie via the Forget Me item on the main Fabric FIsher menu.)

Some Fabric Fisher features (for example, uploading a photo) require that we create a personal stash for you. We cannot do this without first creating the Fabric Fisher cookie. If we need to create your personal stash, and you have not yet acknowledged acceptance of the agreements, you will be prompted for acceptance:

Prompt for Acceptance

Remember that after accepting the agreements, you are still an anonymous user. You can try most Fabric Fisher features without signing in. However, as an anonymous user, the size of your stash is very small (up to 3 fabrics). For a bigger stash (35 fabrics), you must sign in.