The Fabric Fisher

Anonymous Users

To Fabric Fisher, an anonymous user is one who has not yet registered.

Fabric Fisher does save any personal information for anonymous users. We do know whether or not you have acknowledged the acceptance our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy, since when you do this, we place a Fabric Fisher cookie on your device.

Anonymous users have access to most of the features of Fabric Fisher. Some of those features (for example, the ability to upload a photo of a fabric to be matched) require that we create a personal stash for you. We do this even for anonymous users - we won't know who you are, but we will keep the fabrics in your personal stash.

As an anonymous user, the size of your stash is very limited. (You can save only 3 fabrics at a time.) To increase the capacity of your stash (to 35 fabrics), you must sign in. Also, as an anonymous user, your stash is only available on a single device. (Your stash is associated with the Fabric Fisher cookie, and not with any email address.)

Once you sign in, you are no longer an anonymous user. You are a registered user, and we know your email address.