The Fabric Fisher

Registered Users

A registered user is one who has signed in to Fabric Fisher. When you sign in, you provide your email address. We then associate your stash with your email address, so that you have access to the same stash from every device where you sign in with that email address.

Registered users can use all of the features of Fabric Fisher. In addition, the size of your stash is much bigger than that of an anonymous user. (You can save 35 fabrics at a time, instead of only 3).

We do not use your email address except to identify you and your stash. For details, please consult our Privacy Policy.

If you are using Fabric Fisher on a device that is shared with other users, we recommend that uou sign out when your session is finished. You can sign out using the Account dialog. You can also completely delete your account, and the fabrics in your stash, using the Account dialog.