The Fabric Fisher

Account Dialog

The Account Dialog provides general information about your account. It also lets you sign out, or delete your account. To open the Account Dialog, use the "Signed in as ..." link on the Fabric Fisher Home Page:

Link to Account Dialog

The Account Dialog has the following features:

Account Dialog

a. Registered email address - The email address you used when you signed up. We use this email address to reference your stash.

b. Registration date - The date when you signed up.

c. Fabrics in stash - There is a bar representing how many fabrics are in your stash. The left side of the bar is filled to show the proportion of your stash that is full. The number on the left indicates how many fabrics (uploaded photos, and fabrics created by Custom Search) there are currently in your stash.

d. Free space in stash - The right side of the stash bar shows how many more fabrics you can add to your stash before it is full. Registered users have a stash that can hold up to 35 fabrics.

e. Sign in status - By default, once you sign in to Fabric Fisher on a particular device, you remain signed in on that device. If you visit Fabric Fisher again later, you will not have to sign in again to see your stash, or to add or remove fabrics to or from your stash. If you are using a device that is shared with other people, and you want to prevent them from seeing or modifying your stash, you probably want to sign out when you are done.

To sign out, uncheck the "Keep me signed in on this device" checkbox. You will be presented with two options.

If you Sign Out, you can sign in again later, on the same device or any other device, and you will see the same fabrics in your stash.

Sign out

If you delete your account, we will also delete your stash. You can sign in again later with the same email address, but you will be given a new account, with an empty stash.

Delete Account

Note that if you delete your account, we will not delete the Fabric Fisher cookie that we stored on your device to identify you. Basically what that means is that we know you have already accepted our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy, and will not be prompted to accept them again. If you want us to delete your account and also delete the Fabric Fisher cookie, you can do that through the main menu.