The Fabric Fisher

How We Use Cookies

Fabric Fisher uses a single cookie to identify your personal stash.

We will not create the Fabric Fisher cookie without your consent. This means that you cannot add anything to your stash until you consent to this Cookies Policy. For example, you cannot take a photo of a fabric and upload it to Fabric Fisher so that we can find similar or coordinating fabrics.

When you consent to this cookies policy, we create the Fabric Fisher cookie. This alows you to add fabrics to your personal stash. However, we still do not know who you are; that is, we can keep track of the fabrics in your stash, but we do not know your email address. You are anonymous.

As an anonymous user, the size of your stash is very limited. (You can only save 3 fabrics at a time.) To increase the capacity of your stash (to 35 fabrics), you must sign in.

The presence of the Fabric Fisher cookie also tells us that you have already consented to this Cookies Policy (as well as to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy). We won't prompt for acceptance again. However, you can request that we completely forget everything about you, at which point even the Fabric Fisher cookie will be deleted, and the site will behave as if you had never visited before.

Third Parties

In some cases, we use technologies provided by other companies to make Fabric Fisher easier to use. In such cases, those technologies may use their own cookies to track your behavior.

For example, if you use Google to Sign In to Fabric Fisher, Google will create cookies to help manage the sign-in process. You should familiarize yourself with Google's Cookie Policy.

Similarly, you can use FaceBook or Amazon to Sign In to Fabric Fisher. If you use these features, you'll want to familiarize yourself with Facebook's or Amazon's cookie policies.

The fabrics displayed in Fabric Fisher are fabrics that are available for sale on various vendor sites on the internet. Some of those sites use their own cookies to track your behavior. Fabric Fisher protects your privacy by requesting information from those vendor sites on your behalf. Be aware, though, that Fabric Fisher provides links to the original vendor pages (so that you can buy fabric), and once you visit a vendor site outside of Fabric Fisher, you are subject to that vendor's separate cookies policy.