The Fabric Fisher

Take a Photo

If you are visiting Fabric Fisher from your smart phone, or from a desktop computer with an available web cam, you can take a picture of a fabric you are trying to match, and Fabric Fisher will find similar fabrics, or coordinating ones.

Start by clicking on the Take a Photo area of the home page:

Take a Photo

This displays a camera dialog. The exact appearance of the camera dialog may vary, depending on the shape and size of your device. For example, on a smart phone, the camera dialog might look like this:

Smart Phone Camera

On a desktop computer with a webcam, the camera dialog might look like this:

Desktop Camera

In any case, the basic operation of the camera dialog is the same:

a. Home - Closes the camera dialog without taking a photo, and returns to the Fabric Fisher home page.

b. Guide Frame - Shows which part of the camera image will actually be included in the photo. A thin red border surrounds the photo. The area outside the border is dimmed, to show that this area will not be included in the photo.

c. Photo Preview - The area within the Guide Frame provides a preview of the photo that would be taken if you were to press the camera button at that moment.

d. Camera Button - Takes a photo. The camera dialog is closed, and the photo is uploaded to Fabric Fisher.

Once the photo is uploaded, Fabric Fisher can compare it to vendor fabrics that it has discovered. This comparison may take a few seconds. Then, the Fabric page is displayed. Note that this page looks a little different for an uploaded fabric than it would for a vendor fabric.

When you take a picture of a fabric, that fabric is added to your personal Fabric Fisher stash. You can return to its Fabric page later, or delete it to free up space in your stash.