The Fabric Fisher

Browse By Color

The Browse By Color page is useful if you are looking for a fabric that matches a specific color. Start by clicking on the "Browse fabrics by color" area of the home page:

Browse By Color

This displays the Browse By Color page:

Browse By Color

a. Home - Returns to the Fabric Fisher home page.

b. More Colors - Displays the Color Picker dialog, which allows you to choose from more than 2,500 named colors.

c. Basic Colors - Lets you choose from a standard set of common colors.

d. Trending Colors - Lets you choose from a changing set of trending colors. Trending colors are colors that are more popular in the most recently discovered fabrics than they are in older fabrics. The set of trending colors changes periodically, as new fabrics become available.

e. Color Swatches - Each color in both the Basic Colors section and the Trending Colors section is represented by a rectangular color sample. (If your device has a large enough window, you may also see the color name on each sample.) Clicking on any Color Swatch displays the Color page for that color, which shows the fabrics that most closely match the selected color.

f. Help - Opens this help page.