The Fabric Fisher

Fabric Page (for Custom Fabrics)

If you open the Fabric Page for a fabric in your stash, the page will look different from how it would look for a fabric that is offered for sale by a vendor on the internet:

Custom Fabric

Some of the key differences are described below.

a. Fabric tab - Normally, the Fabric Tab provides details about the vendor, the current price of the fabric, whether or not it in stock, and so on. Since fabrics in your stash are not for sale, none of this information is relevant. Instead, we display the most common colors present in the fabric image, as described below.

b. Colors - Instead of showing vendor and price details, for a Fabric in your stash we display the most common colors present in the fabric image. Clicking on one of these colors opens the Fabrics by Color page for that color.

c. More Colors tab - If there are more colors present in the fabric image than will fit on the Fabric tab, the More Colors tab will be present. The content of the tab in this case is identical to what you would see on the Colors tab of a vendor fabric. Note that a link to the Custom Search dialog is present - this feature is available for vendor fabrics and custom fabrics alike.

More Colors

d. Rename button - Custom fabrics in your stash are given a default name. However, you can change this name, if you want to, to help you organize your stash. Click on the rename button (Rename Button), and you can then enter a new fabric name:

Edit the Fabric Name

After entering the new name, you can click the Save button (Save Button) to save the new fabric name, or click the Cancel button (Cancel Button) to discard the change. If you save the new name, it is displayed on the Fabric Page:

Renamed Fabric

e. Delete button - If you no longer need this custom fabric, you can delete it from your stash by clicking the delete button (Delete Button). Deleting a fabric cannot be undone, so you will be asked to confirm:

Delete Fabric

f. Fabric swatches - One of the most powerful features of Fabric Fisher is the ability to find similar fabrics that are for sale on the internet, even for a custom fabric from your personal stash. Clicking one of the fabric swatches on the custom fabric page will open the Fabric Page for that vendor fabric.

g. Help - Opens this help page.