The Fabric Fisher

Forget Me

You have the right to be completely forgotten by Fabric Fisher. To do this, select the "Forget Me" menu item on the Main Menu of the Fabric Fisher home page.

Since this operation cannot be undone, you will be asked to confirm:

Confirm Forget Me

Note that you can delete your Fabric Fisher account, and the fabrics in your stash (but not the Fabric Fisher cookie) from the Account dialog. By deleting the Fabric Fisher cookie, we also forget that you have acknowledged acceptance of the Fabric Fisher agreements.

Also note that if you have visited Fabric Fisher from multiple devices, there is no way to delete all of the cookies from one device. (For example, if you use the "Forget Me" menu item on your smart phone, we cannot delete a cookie on your desktop computer.) However, if you use the "Forget Me" menu item on one device, then the next time you visit your other device, you will be forgotten on that device, too.