The Fabric Fisher

Colors Tab

At the top of the Fabric Page is Colors tab, listing the top colors found in the fabric image:

Colors Tab

There is a limit to the number of colors that will be shown (16). They are listed in order of frequency, with the color that appears the most frequently first, and the one that appears least frequently last.

If you want to find a coordinating fabric that matches one of the listed colors, you can click on the color name (or the color swatch next to it). This displays the Color Page for that color.

What if you want to match multiple colors at the same time? For example, you might want to find a fabric that matches two of the colors, maybe even in some specific proportion.

Fortunately, Fabric Fisher provides a way to do that, too. Instead of clicking on a specifc color on the Color Tab, click on the Custom Search link. The Custom Search dialog provides very fine control over the colors you are trying to match.